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Well hello! Welcome to the shiny new website for Saltwater Photography. You might have been redirected here from my old site, or notice my old blog posts are still here. Sorry to confuse you, but from now on, its all Saltwater Photography. A new name for an old business for a new beginning. I have been using my real name since I first started out 10 years ago. I built a website with my name all over it and before I knew it I was up and running and it stuck. Noone can pronounce it, itโ€™s really kind of boring and I always fancied a change. So Saltwater is finally here.

Saltwater is named for my love of the sea. I love that you can walk 20 meters from the road and busy promenade and be in a wild place. Refreshing, calming, relaxing, stormy, serene, romantic, free and fierce. The sea seems like a pretty good metaphor for life, right? And life is what I photograph, whether it be that one day of wonder, excitement, love and laughs, or an ordinary family day, capturing a special moment in time.

So welcome to my new name, new branding and new website.

Amy x


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